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Thyroid Hormones- T4 Total Kit

Thyroid Hormones- T4 Total Kit
Thyroid Hormones- T4 Total Kit
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Product Code : BGET4
Brand Name : Biogenix
Product Description
The BI-EIA-Thyroid-T4 total is a one-step immunoassayto determine the presence of total thyroxine (total T4) in human serum using competitive microplate enzyme immunoassay. Plates are coatedwith anti-T4 antibodies. Serum reference,patient specimen, or control is first added to microplate well. Enzyme-T4conjugate is added. Thyroxine present in the sample competes with Enzyme-thyroxine conjugate for binding with anti-T4 coated micro plate to for man antigen-antibody complex. Unbound conjugateis removed by washing. The enzyme activity in the antibody-bound fraction is inversely proportional to the native thyroxine concentration. The enzyme activity is revealed by a color change in TMB-sub strate solution.